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The first company of the Group Hasnaoui was created by M. Brahim HASNAOUI in 1974. The company specialized in the field of construction, public works and Hydraulics. Active in the field of construction, since 1974 when the sector was dominated by large companies. Over time the Group takes changes that have affected the national economy, the desire and the will to create the best business conditions can be outlined in three steps:

Group of companies hasnaoui

Creation and installation period

(1974 – 1983)

1974 : Creation of ETPH HASNAOUI BRAHIM as a basic  roprietorship.
From de 1984 : Development of the company and the implementation of the first crushing plant.


Growth and consolidation period.

(1983 – 2008)

1985 : Creation of SARL ETPH HASNAOUI.
1998 : Creation of SARL Menuiserie de la Mekerra.
2008 : Merger between SARL ETPH HASNAOUI and Menuiserie Mekerra and their transformation into SPA BTPH HASNAOUI.


Reorganization and development period 

Since  2008. 

Group of Companies was transformed into HASNAOUI Group since January 2008. With the creation of several foreign companies, a transportation company and the development into telecommunication business.