Quality and environment

Our quality policy

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Being aware of the competitive environment that surrounds the activity and the company’s strength lies in the management methods, HASNAOUI companies Groups has decided to deal with a quality approach in order to capitalize and formalize the accumulated experience during the four decades of activity.
It is with this mind that the Groups of HASNAOUI companies’ undertakes to build and maintain a comprehensive approach to improve quality, respect of the environment, and the sustainable development,the health and the security according to standards: ISO 9001 version 2015 and ISO 14001 version 2015 and OHSAS 2007.
This satisfaction involves a deep change in all the activities of HASNAOUI companies Groups for purpose to offer construction materials, housings, and quality services.
The respect of our environment is one of our major concerns. It is an essential factor to the sustainable development of the activities of the HASNAOUI Groups.
In addition to that the context of management system’s policy, the adapted goals is identified for each situation with the commitment to implement the necessary human resources, organizational and technical to allow us to do :
• communicate and raise awareness among staff to our quality policy and environment,
• Meet the requirements of our customers and all our partners,
• Implement a continuous improvement program of Quality and Environment,
• Meet permanently the legal and other requirements, relevant to our activities and to environmental aspects,
• Anticipate any pollution risk, manage and reduce as far as possible the impact on the environment,
• Minimize the releases and wastes resulted from our activities,
• Involve all our suppliers on our commitment to a respectful development, more respectful of the Environment.
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Our environmental policy

The construction act should not be isolated from the rest. Even if the housing situation is characterized by a strong demand, the quantity of demand should never be a reason to avoid and neglect the quality.
It is important to take in consideration the vision of the botched bedroom community and promote a housing that is in compliance not only with the physical and mental health of the future owner but also the preservation of the environment matter. This is why, it is important to ensure that the built environment complies with the universal standards, both on architectural and urban plan
In addition to the built housings, Our future neighborhoods, towns and cities shall be conceived as a perfect and a good living environment. Develop green spaces in the new projects is a necessity and a vital need for the inhabitants.
It is important to emphasize on the importance of plant not only for its aesthetic factor, but as a source of air purification also. However, the problem of environment should not be presented only in the last phase of the project, once these are delivered. The problem to raise remains in the construction act itself effectively, it is preferable to deliver green neighborhoods and cities, but it is also important that the act of construction is the least harmful to the environment.
This is why; we should act on the different phases of the planning and construction, from the production of material to construction till the project delivery, including transportation and construction itself .
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